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Domain Registration

Renew Domain
We provide you renew domain services at very cheap rate. If your domain is register to us and you want to renew it, you can do it for up to ten years at any time. While if your domain is registered to any other registrar, you need to hire our transfer domain services first and then go for renew domain. We give you the facility of maximum domain registration period and after the expiration of this period, you need to renew it. It depends on you that how long you want to register your domain. You can apply for this service through our official website and we will send you an email for confirmation.

Register Domain
While at the time of expiry of your old domain, we will also mail you 15 to 20 days before. Our renew domain services are very cost effective and we don't want to make you overburden. We will keep you in line with your budget, and we are sure that we are the choice of rational clients. Besides, if your domain name is already registered to us and you want to renew it, it will have very less charges, as compared to our new clients. We also highly care for our new customers and have number of discount packages for them. Get more details about our renew domain service packages on our official website. Give us a chance and our professionals will surely satisfy you in this regard. Log on to our website and reserve your orders, you will enjoy immediate response and quick delivery of your projects.

Transfer Domain
We have a team of experts who are working to provide you transfer domain services immediately. We have adopted an easy and quick method as we don't want to fall you in long and complicated process. Only you need to do is to get the permission from your old registrar and unlock your domain name, then email us your Id number, key code and a link. After completing our process as soon as possible, we will let you know through an email. This is how hosting.ae works for transfer domain services. It usually takes 3 to 4 days.
We are offering the services of transfer domain as a combination of different packages and all these packages have different rates. Just dial +971 55 4133 450 to reserve your orders or simply to get more detail and information. We have cheaper rates as compared to our competitors, due to which mostly clients prefer us and use to transfer their host. Besides, we are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, you can enjoy our quick and immediate delivery. Hosting.ae has adopted excellent customer care programs and you will find it a pleasant experience to work with us.

AE Domain Registration
Being the best web hosting provider and AE domain registration provider, we offer you AE domain registration in easy and reliable way. Hub Sol Technologies Co LLC is a Dubai based register company to register AE domain. We are providing you all major domain names like .com, .net, .biz, .ae, .org, me all others domain TLD, so all of your problems will be solved here. This is the world of internet and no company can survive without advertising its business on internet. Now a day customers prefer to sit on internet for their searches and it is very important to make your website appear on World Wide Web. Local customers will prefer you more and more when you have dot ae extension for your reorganization.

Domain Authorization Code
caters all your needs of sustainable web operation. When you register a new domain name with us, we store your authorization code. If your domain name requires an authorization code, you must use it to transfer the domain name to another registrar. Domain Authorization is property of client and we give this code to our client so that they can remain independent and could transfer it to another registrar if they are not satisfied or it doesn't suit them. We assign authorization codes (also known as EPP codes or transfer keys) to domain names when you register with us. Authorization codes are unique and provide an extra level of security, safeguarding domain names from unauthorized transfers.
If you are transferring a domain name to us, you might need an authorization code (also known as an EPP code or transfer key) from your current registrar. Some registrars display the authorization code in your account with them, while others email it upon request to the administrative contact's email address for your domain name. Contact your current registrar to get your authorization code.